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Has break-up been the most distressing experience of your life? Did you go through stress and even hurt yourself physically? My ex lives like this. Is it his choice? No one wants to feel these things. You know it has happened but you can’t quite connect with it. The important things to remember are that there are people there for you and that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and ways to help you get there. You have to understand that getting over a break up seems unachievable but it’s just about the matter of time. Get Help From Love Binding Spell Psychic Today.

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Real Clients, Real Testimonials

Real Clients, Real Reviews

Love Spells, Partner Reunions, Get your Ex back! or MONEY BACK

Amanda Brown

Oticia Rousse is an exceptional magician, psychic reader and person in general. The accuracy of the reading was unreal and went far deeper than I anticipated. You have made me a far more confident and self-loving person and have gained a customer in me for life!

Melissa Reed

Having financial business issues, I was struggling to know what was going on with my life. Having come across Oticia Rousse through a friend, I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I have made ! My financial situation has seemed to get better due to his reading and solving the issues that were blocking me.

Simon Halls

My tarot reading was nothing but excellent. My love situation has been tricky for the past few months, but Oticia Rousse assured me and guided me as to what the spirits where saying. Her readings have come to life and I have enabled me to make drastic changes in order to appeal to my current relationships.

Dear Users

Probably you want your love to be obsessed with you. You are getting yourself everything for their world. But he/she doesn’t care anymore. You need expert help to get your true love back in your life or find a new one, but you could be wasting your hard earned money. Make sure your spell caster is someone that has dedicated his entire life for magick practice and spells.  

I will infiltrate your beloved’s subconscious and put suggestions with powerful forces that make him/her obsessed with you. 

Your beloved’s body will be thrilled for your touch and their every waking breath will be spent with the hope of being with you. Eventually they will reach out to you by any medium call, text message or instant message or sometimes physically to hug you tightly.

As countless users are hitting their heads against the wall and opt for any spell caster. My Magick will find a proper way to get your EX/love in your life permanently.  

This spell-work perform best when …

✔ You and the target-person already know of each other.


✔ You don’t know the person exactly but want to obsessed a stranger with you.

✔You don’t want to attract over you. (as this is a powerful Love Spell)

Before starting the spell work, I will need the following information from your side:

✔ Name of Both person and any third person (if exist and you want to remove that person from your love life)

      Dates Of Birth of both person

✔ Clear photos

✔ A brief description about the situation and the custom statement you want spell to do.


✔ Not every spell manifest instantly, sometimes things take time.

✔ We have a VERY high success rate and will treat your case as if it is of our own.

✔ Due to the high demand of emails, we will only follow up once the spell work has been complete.

To gain a better understanding of yourself, we recommend you to reserve a consultation. Here I can best assist you in knowing the possibilities for your situation much deeper.

Some Love From Instagram Clients

Can you think that a person who left you really doesn’t love you anymore, nor does he want to be with you? The energies of the world once created do not disappear. The same thing happens with love because it is a true energy that remains over time.

The spells or moorings are an excellent practice of white magic that allow you to accurately retrieve your partner, so again express the beautiful emotions and feelings that have marked your happiness.

It doesn’t really matter what problems you have experienced with your loved one , thanks to the white magic spells, there is always a new opportunity to recover lost love. 

The  love spells can be helpful for those situations when you’re in love  but also full of insecurities. Will he like me? Will he be in love with me? … These are the questions that you surely ask yourself every day.

But what do love spells consist of? I’m sure you’re wondering. As you know, spells are magic formulas that help you change reality. For this, different procedures with different materials and spells are used.

You must bear in mind that for our  love spells to be effective, the procedure must be followed as guided by ISIS or other dieties as per the selected rituals and magick methods. This consists of several ingredients. It is essential to proceed step by step. Any mistake or alteration of the ritual will make it impossible to achieve your objective of attracting the loved one to you, or even to turn against you for a bad practice of it.


This is another thing to consider. Depending on the love spell we perform, you will need some herbs and ingredients. But they all have one thing in common, you will need a table where you will be placing all the ingredients so spell work can bring your love spell to fruition.

Similarly, you will need a chair where you can be comfortable. The more relaxed you are, the better vibrations you will have to perform the spell. To increase its effectiveness, it is advisable to accompany the ritual with one or two white candles, apart from those that request the spell itself. In this way, you will be able to see what we are doing and they will create that atmosphere of peace, so ideal for your mission.

The sentences.

You should pay special attention to the request you are going to make. It is important that you analyze how and what you are going to say. Your words will be those that will reach that loved person and these words should make the ritual powerful so that that person gives you the attention whom you love so much. In practise, spell casting must only be done by most experience Psychic or spell caster. 

Spell Types.

You may have doubts about the effectiveness of love spells. Keep in mind that spells are almost as old as humanity. In fact, the first evidence of its existence is from the Neolithic. Since then spells have been used by humans. As you can suppose, there are many different types of love spells and that you should not mix or adapt, since following the spells to the letter is what will make them effective.

Those who try to guess the future are called spells. If you are trying to subdue a person, you would be performing an enchantment. When you cast a spell with ill will, meaning that you want to hurt someone, you would be cursing. On the other hand, if it is done for the purpose of protecting someone, we would be talking about blessing.

Also, spell types can be classified based on their magic. In this sense, we would refer to white magic and black magic.

White magic.

White magic spells involve practices intended to invoke divine powers such as spiritual forces and calls to guide and orient us in creating these spells.

White magic has been used since time immemorial for the healing of people, for falling in love, bringing love back or for good fortune . Black magic and white magic coexist just as evil and good coexist. Although there is more talk of black magic, white magic, however subtle, will always be there in all its glory.

The power of white magic.

White magic spells are meant to help the needy, heal the sick, or help people find their true love or regain lost love. This is the true essence of white magic.

How does white magic work ?.

White magic spells are not “tricks” to play to get love. These spells are created to help the needy and based on the purity of your heart.

White magic makes the world go round and although it does not possess a powerful force like black magic, it is much more powerful than it may seem. 

We should not think of white magic as weak and powerless, its power is beyond human understanding. The kindest side of people is worked. The effectiveness of white magic spells is based, to a large extent, on the essence of the person who performs them, that is, if you are a pure and kind person they will be more effective.

White magic love spells improve the feelings of love that are already present in that person but  do not generate feelings if there is no love base . 

Black magic.

Black magic is known worldwide. This type of magic is used to perform evil by invoking the powers of evil spirits and in some cases even the devil himself.

Be very careful when performing love spells with this type of magic . Because if the spell is badly done or the intentions are not correct, they can have unwanted and irreversible consequences. 

People who perform these types of spells are commonly called black magicians and their spells or spells can be so elaborate that they can be lengthened over time.

This type of magic can be dangerous for those who do not know how to use it . There are many people who use black magic to perform love spells . 

With this type of magic we will force the other person to love us, so black magic does not consist of pure spells, but selfish ones. In addition, with the use of black magic we can make our beloved abandon his partner and thus have him only for us.

Black magic is very powerful and if you are planning to use it, be sure to evaluate the possible consequences, as many of them can become irreversible.

Black magic love spell.

Love can make us do totally irrational things, so to perform these types of spells you need to focus on your thoughts and goals before entering the world of black magic.

Falling in love or obsession is not the best option to cast a black magic love spell .
Do not let sexual emotions interfere with reason, for that there are already other types of spells.
The most necessary thing in this type of love spells is concentration , believing in your own inherent powers and the success of the spell. If you focus and meditate before performing these spells, they can be strong enough.

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