Personal Consultation with Morticia Rosse

  • Black Magic Ritual: A complete performance of a custom magick
  • Quality Guarantee: The spell caster has proven experience
  • Limited Availability: Spell caster accepts clients only on a first come basis
  • Confidentiality: We take privacy very seriously


  • Love Spell That Work Fast
  • Love Protection Spells
  • Bring Your Ex Back Spells
  • Save Your Marriage Spells

I will try to revert on all emails within 24 hours.

Quality Guaranteed:

The consultant has years of experience and selects the clients with whom to work. Confidentiality is taken seriously and promised to the client.

A Personal Consultation Includes:

  • Explain what magical help you are seeking.
  • Feedback on what you are doing to further hinder your situation.
  • Receive an oracle or tarot reading depending on that which you are seeking.
  • Advisement on spell work and what to do next.

Greetings to the Seeker of Magick,

Often times, we hit a roadblock that prevents us from achieving our goals. You can try with all your might to remove the block but can’t seem to make it move. These are the times in which one must turn to Magick. One must call upon the universe’s forces for assistance. Yet, not everyone knows how to do so. A practitioner of Magick, one who has a thorough understanding of your obstacle, can advise and guide you how to removal the obstacle and have safe passage on your journey.

My name is del Carmen and I am a practitioner of Magick. I can help you with your roadblocks through the Magick I have been imbued with from the Eygptian Goddess, Isis, the mother, nurturer, and healer. With her powers bestowed unto me, I can resurrect that which has died, help you heal your wounds and manifest the life you want.

You many have paid a visit to a psychic here and there or have read your horoscope on occasion to seek guidance. Often times, these are general guidance but not unique to you. You need something tailored to your exact problem. I can help.

From Growing up in a Haunted House and Moving into the Workings of Isis

I was raised by my grandparents when I was a child.I was often told told by numerous family members that they had seen or been assaulted by an entity within the house. On numerous occasions, we had a priest come to get rid of the”demons.” Early on, my grandmother gifted me with many crystal necklaces and trinkets, albeit not knowing entirely what significance they had other than them being present in her own upbringing. Certainly, strange things took place in this house with my having peculiar sightings of shadow figures and instances of feeling the coldness of a spirit. But yet, I was never harmed in the way that other family members were.

As I grew older, I moved from home to home carrying with me only a handful of objects from my grandmother which I blindly selected out of a storage space that was packed to the brim. When I began my research into the Occult I grew to realize that I was gifted with precious elements for protection and was strong enough to shield my psyche from the spirits in my childhood home. I also realized that those handful of “randomly” selected objects happened to be the mini statues of Isis. She was with me since birth and continued to be by my side and guide me along my Magickal path. It is my connection to her that I receive my powers, to this I am sure.

Through research and development of the Occult practices and my bond with Isis, I am able to use my powers for creation. She allows me to do ritual work with veracity, potency, and effectiveness

for all kinds of spells be it love, money, defence, success, or revenge spells.

You Can Have a Consultation with Me for Anything.

No matter the issue, you can confide in me. I will not judge you or make you feel like you are not welcome to express yourself candidly. We can work together to find a solution to your problem.


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As I have a tight schedule, clients will be chosen on a preference basis. I will make sure that I will see as many of you, however money is not the issue and I have tons of ceremonies and rituals to conduct on a daily basis.  As I want as many people as possible to benefit from the consultation, I have priced the consultation fairly cheap.

I am committed in teaching you how I can help you with using the spiritual realm as your guidance. Whatever your case may be, I can help you overcome any challenges with the help of the spirits.